Companies nationwide are now realizing just how far the full-employment economy has stretched the IT workforce. IT unemployment bounced between a record low of 1.8% and 2.3% for the latter half of the year, raising the bar for which tech recruiting strategies are effective. If one message has become clear during the IT talent shortage, it’s that companies can no longer thrive by spending 22 business days on average to fill their open IT positions. In truth, IT talent acquisition must move along at a MUCH faster clip than that for top talent – and it’s now a 365 days a year, 24 hours a day process.

How do you maintain a nonstop recruitment lifecycle without exhausting your HR team? By working smarter, not harder to find top technical talent. Using industry best practices and data-driven strategies to optimize your hiring process can enable your company to positively connect with top IT talent faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In our eBook, The TriCom IT Talent Shortage Hiring Guide, we explore what industry-leading companies and thought leaders are doing to overcome the tech talent shortage throughout the full recruitment lifecycle, all-year-long. Here’s a look at the strategies we’ll explore:

  •           Proactive recruiting is no longer optional
  •        Screening is a data-driven two-way street
  •           Attracting candidates doesn’t end at “you’re hired”
  •           Enhancing the reach of your hiring process

Now more than ever, these four strategies are essential to businesses’ ability to overcome the IT talent shortage and hire the best talent out there. With our guide, you can save time and hire smart all year round. And if you want to take a deeper dive into these talent acquisition strategies, reach out to our account executives to start the conversation.

Ready to beat the tech talent gap and hire like your elite competitors? Read “The TriCom IT Talent Shortage Guide”!

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