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We move projects from conception to launch, minimizing turnover impact for guaranteed success. 


Project-based Staffing

If you've been eyeing transformative initiatives but lack the time or resources, our IT Project Solutions take your ideas from concept to completion. We cut through the clutter, implement proven processes and commit to your Statement of Work (SOW) projects with a relentless focus on minimizing risk and maximizing strategic outcomes.


Partnering with TriCom for staffing guarantees top-notch hires, thanks to our data-driven approach tailored to your needs and culture. With our swift connections to top candidates and cost-effective retention strategies, your projects stay on track and turnover becomes a thing of the past.
Data-Driven Hiring

Data-Driven Hiring

Elevate your hiring decisions with our data-driven approach. We delve into your needs, goals, challenges and company culture, employing strategic insights to deliver optimal processes, placements and ROI.

Accelerated Placements

Accelerated Placements

Forge rapid connections with top candidates through our dedicated internal team. By nurturing ongoing relationships, we swiftly scale and launch your projects with the industry's most qualified individuals.

Cost-Effective Retention

Cost-Effective Retention

Make hiring more cost-effective by leveraging our top 1% free-to-our-employees benefits. Enhance retention, reduce HR expenses and ensure that your hiring investments provide long-term value.

Turnover-Proof Projects

Turnover-Proof Projects

Safeguard your projects from the threat of turnover with our candidate guarantee. We ensure project continuity, keeping timelines intact and budgets in check through swift replacements when needed.

Their team made it easy for us by connecting with top candidates and growing and launching our project with the industry's best. They had the right expertise for our complicated tasks, and the entire experience felt smooth.

Transform your project with our 4-step process

In just four steps, we help you bring your ideas to life and ensure project success by swiftly connecting you with top talent, following proven processes and guaranteeing project continuity with turnover-proof projects.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

We guide your concepts from start to finish, overcoming constraints with TriCom's IT Project Solutions.


Follow Proven Processes

We fully commit to your projects, implementing proven processes to minimize risk and maximize success.


Quickly Connect with Top Talent

Our Accelerated Placements service swiftly connects you with high-caliber candidates, facilitating a smooth project launch.


Ensure Project Successes

With Turnover-Proof Projects, we guarantee project continuity, maintaining timelines and budgets through prompt replacements when needed for unwavering project success.

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