Kansas City

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of Kansas City, TriCom is driven to deliver unparalleled solutions, infusing the innovative spirit of the city into every aspect of our services. 


TriCom in the Heart of Kansas City: Elevating Talent, Embracing Community

We take pride in being an integral part of Kansas City's thriving IT staffing community. Rooted in the city's cultural fabric, we mirror its collaborative spirit, seamlessly infusing innovation and talent into the local professional landscape. Just as Kansas City is renowned for its BBQ, we savor the opportunity to add our distinctive flavor to this diverse and vibrant community.

TriCom - Kansas City Headquarters

11115 Ash St, Leawood, KS 66211


Kansas City's IT staffing community is renowned for its vibrant collaboration and wealth of skilled professionals, creating a dynamic environment for technology businesses to flourish.
IT Staffing-1

IT Staffing

We bring together companies, candidates and culture with a goal beyond job placement – to establish enduring, productive connections that pave the way for mutual success.

Project-Based Staffing-1

Project-Based Staffing

Transform your project with cost-effective staffing, moving projects from conception to launch while mitigating the impact of turnover.

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Managed Capacity

Unlike Managed Services, Project-Based Staffing and Staff Augmentation – Managed Capacity offers greater flexibility and control over cost. Ramp up or down capacity as neededThis allows our clients to respond more quickly and augment bottlenecks more effectively.

TriCom understands the pulse of Kansas City, bringing a local touch to their national expertise. Their commitment to our unique culture has made them an integral part of our business growth.


Kansas City Business Expo

TriCom is thrilled to be part of the upcoming Kansas City Business Expo, showcasing our commitment to the local talent rise. Join us in the heart of KC's Plaza, where we'll be serving up innovative hiring solutions and embodying the vibrant spirit of the community.

Embrace the Spirit of Kansas City with IT Staffing Through TriCom 

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