About Us

At TriCom, our unwavering mission is crystal clear: forge powerful connections between businesses hungry for top-tier IT talent ready to seize opportunities and thrive. We don't just aim for success; we engineer it by uniting unparalleled expertise with unparalleled ambition. 


Our Story

TriCom ignited an IT staffing revolution. Back in 1994, we emerged as Triple Computer Technical Services, a dynamic duo operating out of Matt Sharples' studio apartment. Compact but relentless, we fueled our growth, becoming synonymous with connecting companies to temporary IT talent during the Y2K transition. In 1999, Matt seized the reins, propelling TriCom through growth spurts, economic downturns and market shifts, emerging stronger each time. Fast forward to 2012 when Matt, joined by COO Charlie Fossell, assembled a powerhouse team, propelling TriCom to new heights. Today, we stand as a multi-million-dollar force with roots in the Midwest, offices in Kansas City and the Twin Cities and influence stretching from New York to California. Our outstanding service continues to garner accolades from clients, candidates, peers and communities. This is not the end of our story; it's an ongoing saga of triumph and evolution.


Our Community Involvement

Dive into the causes that fuel our collective mission. These are movements that resonate with our core values. As you explore the missions behind these endeavors, consider joining in to create a ripple effect of impact! 

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Meet the Architects of Your Success

Our team, with unmatched expertise and a genuine passion for people, is committed to elevating your career or business to new heights.

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Forge a Fulfilling Career

Ready to make a difference while enjoying financial rewards? Join our staffing and recruiting team where every day brings the opportunity to impact lives positively. If you're ambitious and committed, thrive in a fast-paced setting and aspire to transform your community, this is your chance.

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TriCom Values

Wondering what makes our team exceptional? Here's the blueprint for an outstanding TriCom team member: 

  • Discipline 

  • Winning 

  • Professionalism 

  • Action 

  • Accountable 

  • Problem-Solver 

  • Relationship-Builder 


Rewarding Dedication

At TriCom, we believe hard work deserves recognition. That's why we offer our employees unparalleled benefits as a token of appreciation for their commitment to our clients and candidates. Say thank you with: 

  • Competitive compensation 

  • Full coverage for medical and dental premiums 

  • Immediate 401(k) matching vested from day one 

  • Generous paid time off 

At TriCom, they really get it. They truly value hard work, and it shows in the way they treat us. I love that they offer awesome benefits and loads of paid time off. It feels great to be valued for the effort I put in every day. Working here feels like being part of a team that genuinely cares about me.