Right now, the full employment economy has made hiring top talent a struggle for most businesses. At its lowest point, IT unemployment hit 1.8%. Even though 42% of tech pros plan on changing jobs soon, one message is clear during the IT talent shortage – talent acquisition is now a 365 days a year, 24 hours a day process.

Thankfully, your business can work smarter (not harder) to achieve the same hiring results.

Our eBook, “The TriCom IT Talent Shortage Hiring Guide,” provides your business with insight into the best practices and data-driven strategies your competitors are using to lock down top talent. Here are the situations we’ll explore to help you overcome the tech talent shortage:

  • Proactive recruiting is no longer optional
  • Screening is a data-driven two-way street
  • Attracting candidates doesn’t end at “you’re hired”
  • Enhancing the reach of your hiring process

Get your copy of the TriCom IT Talent Shortage Hiring Guide to give your business a competitive edge as you search for, find, and hire the best people throughout the current tech talent shortage.

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