Every Hire You Make Is a Moment of Truth 

Elevate your hiring process with TriCom's culturally aligned talent solutions, going beyond resumes and interviews to ensure a seamless fit. 


IT Staffing

No matter how robust your company's culture is or how deep your talent pool goes, hiring missteps can have far-reaching consequences – draining energy, delaying progress and even compromising a company's foundation. Our approach is designed to go deeper, focusing on determining mutual compatibility, fostering interdependent success and creating a beneficial environment for both candidates and companies.
Unlock Efficiency

Unlock Efficiency with Tailored Project Staffing 

Our flexible project staffing solutions offer process-driven recruitment support, enabling you to swiftly and cost-effectively assemble a project or team, whether you need one or dozens of members. With our expertise, your projects will be staffed seamlessly, ensuring success every step of the way. 

Elevate Your IT Workforce

Elevate Your IT Workforce Management 

Experience cost reduction, decreased turnover and enhanced employee performance with our IT workforce vendor management service. We meticulously evaluate candidates through a comprehensive and consistent process, guaranteeing your business receives top-quality, best-fit professionals for sustained success. 

Global Talent

Global Talent, Seamless Integration 

TriCom sponsors H1-B visas, providing a pathway to permanent resident status. With our immigration and visa services, your business can embrace experienced talent without geographic boundaries, fostering a diverse and skilled workforce for long-term success. 

Hassle-Free Payroll

Simplify Workforce Management with Hassle-Free Payroll

Focus on your projects and fully enjoy the perks:
  • Dedicated HR Support: TriCom employees benefit from a committed HR team, ensuring personalized assistance and guidance.  
  • Elite Benefits Package: Enjoy top-tier benefits as part of TriCom, providing comprehensive coverage and support for your well-being.  
  • Support System: TriCom offers a steadfast support system, ensuring you have the assistance and resources you need to thrive in your role. 
TriCom turned our quest for IT talent into a true connection-building experience. They took the time to understand our company, and the whole process felt more like matchmaking than your typical recruiting ordeal. They didn't just find us a candidate; they introduced us to someone who clicked with our culture and goals. 


Achieve IT staffing success with our 4-step process

Make sure it's the right fit by ensuring alignment not just in skills, but in culture and values.

Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

Embark on a successful hiring journey by engaging in an initial consultation where we dive into your company's hiring objectives, cultural values and the unique qualities that make your organization thrive. 


Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation

Our proven process involves a comprehensive evaluation that goes beyond resumes and standardized questions, ensuring a thorough understanding of candidates and their compatibility with both the job and your company's culture.


Mutual Compatibility Analysis

We analyze how the candidate's values align with your company's culture, fostering an environment that supports interdependent success for both the candidate and your organization.


Fast, Efficient and Award-Winning Service

As a Best of Staffing® winner, we guarantee results with a streamlined process that not only attracts top talent but also ensures a strategic and seamless fit for sustainable success, reducing the risk of hiring missteps and contributing to the long-term foundation of your company.

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Streamline your hiring process with TriCom's efficient and award-winning approach, ensuring a perfect fit for your team and company culture.