Twin Cities

Proud to call the Twin Cities home, TriCom embraces the city's spirit of innovation and collaboration. 



TriCom Thrives in the Twin Cities: Elevating Talent, Nurturing Innovation

Our presence in Saint Louis Park allows us to tap into the local talent pool and actively contribute to the city's dynamic tech ecosystem. TriCom goes beyond traditional staffing, shaping the future of technology in the Twin Cities by fostering partnerships and exceeding evolving business needs.

TriCom - Minneapolis Office 

1550 Utica Ave S., Suite 575, St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55416


TriCom's Twin Cities office not only reflects the city's skyway scene but also anchors our recruitment success in the brilliance of the North Star. As we explore the richness of expertise around the 10,000 lakes in our region, we bring you inventive hiring solutions inspired by the interconnected waterways. Our approach reflects the lively spirit of the community, making a local impact much like the flow of the Mississippi River.
IT Staffing-1

IT Staffing

We bring together companies, candidates and culture with a goal beyond job placement – to establish enduring, productive connections that pave the way for mutual success.

Project-Based Staffing-1

Project-Based Staffing

Transform your project with cost-effective staffing, moving projects from conception to launch while mitigating the impact of turnover.

Managed Capacity-1

Managed Capacity

Unlike Managed Services, Project-Based Staffing and Staff Augmentation – Managed Capacity offers greater flexibility and control over cost. Ramp up or down capacity as neededThis allows our clients to respond more quickly and augment bottlenecks more effectively.

I cannot express enough how grateful we are for the exceptional services provided by TriCom. In the business world, every hire is a critical moment of truth, and TriCom understands this better than anyone.

Minneapolis Business Expo

TriCom is thrilled to be part of the upcoming Minneapolis Business Expo, showcasing our commitment to the local talent rise. Join us in the heart of the Twin Cities, where we'll be serving up innovative hiring solutions and embodying the vibrant spirit of the community.

Embrace the Spirit of Minneapolis with TriCom 

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