How do you improve the ROI of your business projects? One clear way is to hire an exceptional contingent workforce to enhance project deliverables. Unfortunately, pulling together a scalable IT team depends on the ability to find scarce tech talent in the first place. As the IT talent shortage persists, it’s important for companies to improve their hiring and management processes to find and keep the best consultants on the market. That’s why IT staffing firms running SOW project management have become instrumental in keeping IT performance high. Here’s how: 


Processes for Finding Top Candidates Already Exist

High quality tech professionals are in short supply. Active candidates are available on the market for a millisecond. Passive candidates are only willing to move for the absolute best fit. The approach for attracting a single candidate from either camp has to be just right to work. Now expand the size of your contingent IT team, and you’ll almost need ESP to fulfill your IT statement of work project in the original timeline. Or a very robust pipeline from an SOW project management partner will suffice.

When trusting statement of work project management to an experienced staffing partner, you get the advantage of their pipelining strategies. Our own team cultivates partnerships throughout the full hiring lifecycle, keeping tabs on top candidates after their contracts have come to an end. That way, we can line them up for future opportunities when the right ones arise.

Staffing Firms Can Accurately Screen in Bulk

Additionally, staffing firms skilled in SOW project management better understand how to systematically evaluate candidates. Screening and technical tests depend on uniform execution. If candidate evaluations are conducted by various people over several weeks, you can expect greater variance in the quality of your candidates. Yet most companies can’t carve out the time to blitz their hiring process. That’s why the right staffing partner is better suited to recruit for your statement of work project.

Staffing firms can devote their schedule to interviewing and screening all at once. They can go through one potential candidate after another, screening based on your candidate profile and conducting technical tests to exclude underperformers. That way, their perception of the top performers is more accurate, and your ability to hire your target team goes faster.

SOW Project Management Eliminates Distractions

Hiring contingent workers doesn’t end the obstacles to productivity. Your overall project performance depends upon how well your IT talent is managed. When team and department leaders are focused on bringing the statement of work to fruition, the employee management process might be relegated to second tier importance.

SOW project management improves the quality of your team’s performance. Trusting your staffing partner to monitor deadlines and guide best-practices over the course of a project helps to get the best ROI from each individual employee. If candidates leave before a project’s end date, recruiters can use their pipeline to quickly supply replacements and minimize the loss of productivity. Plus, they can handle the onboarding and offboarding process to keep your leadership focused on the right objectives.

When a technology staffing agency handles workforce management, you can focus on bringing the full statement of work to life. No time spent on searching, interviewing, onboarding, or addressing HR questions. Just coordinating the different elements to get the greatest ROI for your company. Want to improve your IT performance with less effort?


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