Reach Past the Resume 

The right people produce the best outcomes.  We go beyond the resume to understand the 'who' and 'why' of each candidate, ensuring they’ll be a successful hire for your company or project’s success. 


Own Your Next Career Move 

Seize control of your career with a partner dedicated to your successTriCom gives you access to the best opportunities with great companies and projectsBenefit from world-class support, allowing you to focus on your career growth with security and peace of mind – enjoy 100% paid medical and dental, a 401(k) match, immediate 100% vesting, referral bonuses, PTO and dedicated HR. You are not alone; our sales and recruiting team advocates for you to work through any issues you might encounter in your role.  Simultaneously, while you're finishing up your current job, we're actively finding your next opportunity from our network of over 50 clients. 

Looking for an IT Solution?

Congrats! You've just become a magician. This is the do-it-all module where you can let your creativity run wild. The best part is that it's just going to keep getting more and more awesome over time.

Looking for an IT Job?

Congrats! You've just become a magician. This is the do-it-all module where you can let your creativity run wild. The best part is that it's just going to keep getting more and more awesome over time.

We Don't Just Collect Resumes; We Create Connections

We forge futures by delving into the compatibility between candidate, company and culture, understanding that a hiring misstep can drain energy, delay progress – even crack a company’s foundation. Each decision is an active commitment to excellence, going beyond the ordinary to establish an enduring bond that extends far beyond the job fill. With half of all hires leaving within two years, our focus is on ensuring our corporate clients achieve long-term success with their talent investments.

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Unlock your potential for success with our comprehensive IT staffing solutions and project-based services.
IT Staffing-1

IT Staffing

We bring together companies, candidates and culture with a goal beyond job placement – to establish enduring, productive connections that pave the way for mutual success.

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Project-Based Staffing

Project-Based Staffing

Transform your project with cost-effective staffing, moving projects from conception to launch while mitigating the impact of turnover.

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Managed Capacity

Managed Capacity

Unlike Managed Services, Project-Based Staffing and Staff Augmentation – Managed Capacity offers greater flexibility and control over cost. Ramp up or down capacity as neededThis allows our clients to respond more quickly and augment bottlenecks more effectively.

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I couldn't be happier with TriCom! They not only found me the perfect IT job but made the entire process a breeze. From the first conversation to my first day, they understood what I was looking for and matched me with the ideal opportunity. Thanks to TriCom, I'm loving my new role and the exciting challenges it brings!


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Benefits Beyond Compare

Enjoy a winning formula that prioritizes exclusive perks, including 100% paid premium medical and dental coverage, generous 401(k) matching, a lucrative referral bonus program, paid time off and unwavering support from dedicated HR professionals. Elevate your career with TriCom, where your success is our priority.

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