Download the Gartner Report to learn how to implement SWP to keep your enterprise I&T capabilities in line with changing business demands.


    Gartner Report
    Executive Essentials: Plan and Build a Future-Ready IT Workforce

    We live in an age of routine technological disruption. As such, it takes a CIO with real foresight to ensure that a company’s enterprise I&T capabilities can adapt at a moment’s notice. Doing so will help differentiate your organization from competitors, but it will take careful, constant assessment of your team’s size and skills—also known as strategic workforce planning (SWP)—to optimally pursue business goals amid a shifting landscape. By following the six-step SWP process outlined below, CIOs will be able “…to develop a holistic strategy that acquires, develops and deploys the workforce with required capabilities to the success of the business.”

    Gartner Report Figure_1_Strategic_Workforce_Planning_Process

    How does this roadmap apply to organizations looking to hire in IT? To establish and maintain adaptable I&T capabilities, your organization needs to gain a full understanding of its own strengths, weaknesses and strategies for closing talent gaps. We believe TriCom’s Workforce Solutions can help.

    Gartner Executive Essentials: Plan and Build a Future-Ready IT Workforce, Lily Mok, Jose Ramirez, 21 May 2021.

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