Escalating competition in the tech industry has put businesses and job seekers in a situation where their knowledge of compensation trends impacts the success of their long-term goals. More than ever, Kansas City IT salaries factor into the decision-making process for both parties. High demand for talent and low unemployment now oblige companies to weigh their offers against a mob of competitors. Restrained IT salary growth year-over-year now urges tech talent to consider their options on the market. With more considerations to keep in mind, here are some key points to help you successfully acquire your next hire or next job.

Regional IT Salaries Vary in Surprising Ways

Until you look at the IT salary data, it can be hard to believe how stark the difference in compensation can be. Our IT staffing firm has offices in several metropolitan areas and the disparity is surprising. Consider the average compensation for Angular.js or React.js Developers. For our 2018 salary guide, we found that skilled talent in Kansas City can earn in the ballpark of $95,000. Many similar positions have grown in compensation to meet the demand.

Though some types of positions are scarce wherever you go (data science and cybersecurity are among the most frequent), the local talent pool will have its own variance in supply and demand. Kansas City salary data ensures that you can make confident decisions about your next hire or job.

Your Tech Community’s Growth Helps Predict Kansas City IT Salaries

IT salaries don’t exist in a bubble. The energy and the growth of the Kansas City IT community combined with the investment flowing into your tech sector have a considerable influence on tech salaries. More opportunities attract more high-quality talent, which in turn elevates local compensation and draws in more talent. It’s a perpetuating cycle and watching that ebb and flow can help you to make more realistic decisions about your next offer, whether you’re making or accepting it.

How do you stay informed? Certain resources are closer to the pulse of your local tech community than others. In Kansas City, we find resources like Startland News provide up-to-date insight into startup growth, investment, and hiring. Whatever resource you choose, make sure to balance it against other media sources and thought leaders to get the larger picture.

Your Staffing Partner Has Real-Time Market Insight

One key takeaway about understanding IT salaries is that unless you have a realistic sample size and a view into competitive offers, any assumptions about compensation are going to be shortsighted. Always be sure to look at salary sources that have an eye on both the company and candidate side.

That’s exactly what we aimed to do with our 2018 Salary Guide. We provide snapshots of local tech markets, forecasts of the most profitable technologies, and compensation benchmarks for Kansas City that can guide the offers you make or accept. Our hope is to provide a competitive resource that can help your candidate or job search get the best results possible.

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