Here’s a secret: You don’t have to graduate with a computer science degree to reap the benefits of the tech boom. Two words for you: IT Recruiting.


We get it, not many people enter freshman year of college with an end-goal of being an IT recruiter. For some graduates, “staffing” has even become somewhat of a dirty word – synonymous with mundane tasks, cold calls, and a career that people just kind of fall into. Not anymore.


Looking ahead to 2020, IT recruiting is shaping up to be one of the hottest careers out there. In fact, according to a recent Kansas City Business Journal list, a driven IT recruiter can earn their way into a top 10 highest-paid occupation! Below we dig into the outlook of a career in IT recruiting, what exactly the position entails, and how you can make a lasting impact. Check it out:


Outlook of the IT Recruiting Profession


Here’s a fun fact for you: from 2016 to 2026 the number of software developer positions is projected to grow by 30%, one of the fastest-growing occupations (second only to healthcare). With the Fourth Industrial Revolution in full swing, our society is increasingly reliant on the Internet of Things and related innovations in our everyday life. Consequently, the demand for technologists to develop and maintain these technologies has never been higher. In fact, spending on technology is projected to grow by a whopping 50% between 2015 and 2030 and about half of this will be on IT services alone.


No, this doesn’t mean you have to bust out the advanced calculus books and pursue a tech degree, but it does mean you should strategically pursue positions that are likely to benefit from this trend. Just as businesses need IT talent, they also need knowledgeable consultants to help connect them with the perfect candidate for their open position – enter IT recruiters.


IT staffing firms act as a trusted partner both to businesses that need technologists to propel their initiatives and to technologists who need a position that matches their needs. This means that IT recruiters are integral to a business’s mission-critical technical transformations and the future success and happiness of job seekers. Plus, with staffing buyers predicting that 25% of their workforce will be contingent within the coming years, the need for quality IT recruiters will only continue to rise.


What Exactly Does the Job Entail?


While monotonous administrative tasks might have once marred the reputation of the staffing industry, that’s just no longer the case. With the rise of technology, “automated assistants” do the busy work like sourcing candidates and scheduling interviews, while recruiters can focus on becoming a true strategic partner.


One of the best parts? You can enter the IT recruiting field with virtually any degree and experience level. At TriCom, our recruiters’ varying experiences make our team stronger but there are a few critical characteristics all IT recruiters must have: an exceptional character, a strong work ethic, the ability to build lasting relationships, and the initiative to continuously improve. Becoming a trusted advisor to both the client company and the job seeker is goal number one of a recruiter – both your head and your heart need to be in the game.


Take a look at first-hand insight from our IT recruiters below:







How to Go Above and Beyond as an IT Recruiter


An exceptional IT recruiter will think beyond the bullet points on a resume and consider the person behind them. Former Chief People Officer for Google, Lazlo Block, once stated that there was very little correlation between the tactics commonly used to evaluate talent (resumes, interviews, etc.) and their ability to accurately predict a great hire (from the book “Machine, Platform, Crowd”). To further support this point, a recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that experience – i.e. all of the little details on a resume – had very little to do with predicting future success.


So, what’s an IT recruiter to do? Don’t think of yourself as a middle-man in a supply chain that simply reviews resumes and conducts interviews. Position yourself as a critical consultant between your client and the strategic talent they need to succeed. Exceptional recruiters understand that more than an empty seat or a resume, living and breathing people are at the center of every placement. The work of an IT recruiter has the potential to leave a long-lasting impact on businesses and to change the lives of job seekers forever. Are you up for the challenge?


Here at TriCom, our recruiters come to us with one common denominator – a passion for making a real difference. Like the demand for technical talent, our team of IT recruiters is always growing – we’d love to meet you. Apply today!


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