Calling TriCom’s beginning modest would be an understatement

In 1994, our staffing and recruiting firm entered the world as Triple Computer Technical Services. It was a two-man operation run out of co-founder Matt Sharples’ studio apartment. We were compact but efficient. We were committed to the dramatic growth that has come to be a staple of our firm.

TriCom rapidly grew over the next five years, and we built a reputation by connecting companies with temporary IT talent to guide their transition into Y2K. In 1999, Matt bought TriCom from his co-founder and gained full ownership. Since that purchase, TriCom has endured growth spurts, shifting demand, recessions, and other obstacles, all of which failed to hinder our ability to provide quality services in a competitive market. In 2012, Matt enlisted the help of COO Charlie Fossell and began building a stellar team of like-minded professionals to expand TriCom’s capabilities and reach.

Since then, TriCom has experienced unprecedented growth. We have held onto our Midwestern roots and expanded into a multi-million-dollar company with offices in both Kansas City and the Twin Cities and business that reaches as far New York and California. Plus, TriCom’s outstanding service continues to earn recognition from clients, candidates, peers, and communities. And our story is far from over.

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