There’s little wonder about whether top IT professionals can find jobs these days. Turn over a rock and there’ll be at least five recruiters underneath, all trying to feverishly get your attention. The challenge now is finding an opportunity that’s satisfying, fits your skillset, and advances your career in the long run. Pursuing IT consultant jobs was the fastest and most effective way to achieve all three. Here’s how candidates who pursue an IT consulting career make more progress in their profession – especially when working with IT staffing firms.


1.) Boost Your Skills Faster

Tech professionals who regularly expand their IT tool kit improve their compensation and the quality of their job opportunities faster than those who do not. Permanent positions can be challenging in their own right, but IT consultant jobs promise a higher influx of opportunities where consultants can wear new hats and take on new challenges.

How do you get the most out of IT contract jobs? First, outline and deconstruct your career goals. Where do you want to be five years from now? What types of opportunities are most desirable? Which individual skills add up to your larger goals? Identify the types of IT contracts that will furnish those skills, paying particular attention to gigs that cover several skills at once or particular gateway skillsets.

More than just targeting skills, you’ll need to target the appropriate contracts before your current role is up. That way, you can maintain the momentum of practicing new skills on the job. Working with a recruiter is especially beneficial at this stage, allowing you to focus on your job and personal life while your recruiter lines up consulting jobs that build toward your eventual goal.


2.) Build Your Network

The old adage of “it’s not what you know but who you know” has some truth to it. In fact, at least 30% of companies say that referrals are one of the best sources of candidates. That means that IT professionals with more far-reaching networks have better odds of getting the jobs they want. Especially if they are regularly adding to those networks.

IT consultants have a particular advantage in this instance. Due to the fact that they are constantly taking on new consulting opportunities, they have more chances to expand their network in several strategic ways. For one, each contract adds to the number of supervisors who can vouch for their abilities, giving more weight to future recommendations. Additionally, many IT consultant jobs span a variety of industries, making connections with people outside the consultant’s field and opening up different professional circles for future contract jobs.

However, IT consultants need to make sure they take the opportunity to build sustainable connections while on IT contracts. If a contractor just punches the clock and doesn’t take time to communicate, connect, and build rapport with a company’s direct hire employees or other contractors, a crucial networking chance goes wasted. Even after a connection is established, it’s important to make them last as long as possible to better impact your IT consulting career.


3.) Boost Your Reputation

Your work history does not exist in a bubble. The reputation of the companies on your resume has a significant impact on hiring managers. Though quantity doesn’t outrank quality, working as an IT consultant does offer more opportunities to add impressive and innovative companies to your portfolio. However, targeting consulting opportunities that will enhance the growth of your career requires an alert warning.

This is one particular instance where working with an information technology staffing firm is indispensable. IT recruiters who go through a thorough screening process will be able to determine your goals in advance. This can help them to narrow their search to the types of positions, industries, and challenges that will help you increase your reputation and take incremental steps toward your goals. Plus, they can notify you of upcoming contracts with impressive companies, keeping appropriate opportunities flowing your way without requiring extra work on your part.


Making the Most of IT Consultant Jobs

There are already enough on-the-job challenges in your career to overcome – why create any more outside of the office? Permanent positions can forward your progress, but an IT consultant career accelerates growth faster than the norm. Especially when you are working with an IT staffing firm that delivers opportunities in an efficient and informed way.

Want to improve your career faster and effectively?


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