Plenty of doors are open for tech professionals with full-stack developer skills. Yet unless you distinguish yourself from the general ranks (it’s the second most popular position among developers), you might not be the person who makes it over the threshold into an exciting new job. Even with a firm command of the presentation, logic, and data layers of application development, any full stack developer needs to stand out as the #1 contender from the crowd. Here’s how you can boost your full-stack web development career and attract high quality job opportunities.


Identify Top Paying Full-Stack Skills

Top full-stack developers will have a strong grasp of the fundamentals: front-end languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), back-end languages (Java & Python), and hands-on database knowledge. That said, there are specific higher paying skill sets that not only boost your capabilities but elevate your job opportunities with employers.

  •          Django – This highly functional Python Web framework is a great resource for full-stack developers. Companies love that it is open source, versatile, and API friendly. On average, Django knowledge can earn $117,272 a year.
  •          TypeScript – As an open-source programming language, TypeScript is a strong skillset for every full-stack developer to have. On average, the Dice 2019 Tech Salary says companies will pay $103,680 for TypeScript expertise in the hopes of getting greater flexibility, clearer APIs, and built-in support.
  •          ReactJS – Another skillset to prioritize in your repertoire and show off to businesses is ReactJS. Beyond being one of the most popular JavaScript libraries among developers, businesses regularly request candidates with ReactJS because of its speed and interoperability. Thanks to the library’s demand, full-stack developers with this experience can earn $104,418 on average.


Perfect Your Testing Skills

Coding across the three main application layers allows a full-stack developer to leave a greater impact on the final product. With that range of influence, there’s also an opportunity to get more hands-on with the testing – and increase the number of opportunities within your reach.

Think of it this way: who is better suited to test and debug than the person immersed in all facets of the application? Thanks to frameworks like AngularJS, the testing process is simplified without much configuration. Full-stack developer can take the initiative and start writing tests that ensure test-driven development prevails throughout the entire lifecycle.


Get Active on GitHub

Even with all the right skills, you need to make yourself as visible as possible and GitHub is one of the best ways to do so. In addition to providing an open source repository for your best code, GitHub is an additional way to attract businesses and increase your job offers.

Start by thoroughly showcasing your work and processes through your source code projects and commit messages (which should be as concise and informative as possible). Additionally, be sure to contribute to a wide range of projects, highlighting your skills and demonstrating your collaborative inclination. The greater your involvement in the GitHub community, the more noticeable you will be to businesses and recruiters.


Work with the Right Recruiter

While building up your full-stack development skillset, do you really want to put all your time and effort into searching for new jobs? Working with the right IT staffing firm can find you more life-changing roles, presenting you as the top applicant while you focus on your career.


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