The TriCom IT Talent Shortage Hiring Guide


Companies nationwide are now realizing just how far the full-employment economy has stretched the IT workforce. IT unemployment bounced between a record low of 1.8% and 2.3% for the latter half of the year, raising the bar for which tech recruiting strategies are effective. If one message has become clear during the IT talent shortage, […]


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Retaining Top Tech Talent in Kansas City


Kansas City has a talent retention problem. According to Startland, more college-educated professionals (especially in the STEM fields) left than arrived in the region during 2016. For local businesses, that means your best employees are likely considering a move to a larger city or, even if they stay in Kansas City, an offer from your […]


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2018 TriCom Technical Services Minneapolis IT Salary Guide


The local IT industry might be booming, but that growth doesn’t come without a few new obstacles for companies and IT professionals to overcome when achieving their goals. 65% of tech leaders report that hiring challenges are hurting their businesses. Though tech talent is in high demand, IT salaries only made minimal growth in 2017, […]


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