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Essential Skills for Effective DevOps Engineers 


In today’s tech arena, where change is the only constant, the demand for DevOps engineers has skyrocketed. As organizations increasingly recognize the pivotal role DevOps plays in streamlining software development and operations, the need for talented professionals who can bridge the gap between these traditionally separate domains has become more pronounced than ever. However, identifying […]


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These 3 Technical Recruiting Strategies Can Win the War for IT Talent


Companies face a number of common pitfalls when building out IT departments, and many of them center around three straightforward-yet-hard-to-master approaches when seeking talent. As TriCom’s director of recruiting likes to say: Successful technical recruiting is a lot like getting fit. We can tell you how (hint: eat right and exercise; count your calories in […]


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What Do Candidates Really Want?


A 2020 research study conducted by TriCom provides data and insights to empower employers to attract, hire, and retain top technical talent.   One silver lining of the pandemic forcing business in some sectors to move a little slower is that it’s afforded some more time to reflect on everything from the state of operations […]


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