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Gartner Report®:
Evolving PMOs in an Enterprise Agile World

The digital business era runs on collaboration with everyone, including program management offices (PMOs). There’s a paradigm shift happening in business, and focusing on the skilled individual is quickly giving way to an increased emphasis on high-performing teams, which promises to alter conventional resource planning and management practices forever. In order to fully embrace enterprise agile and continuous delivery models, PMO leaders must shift from a control mentality to a mindset of collaborative enablement. In the wake of these changes, meaningful value metrics are necessary feedback for teams and product owners as they work on adapting investments to constantly changing markets.

Gartner Report: Evolving PMOs in an Enterprise Agile World

Adopting enterprise agile at your PMO can change everything, from the metrics needed to track goals, to the hierarchy of company priorities. And when the transition starts, PMOs must reformulate their objectives, change resource management approaches, and redesign their value-added activities. TriCom’s Workforce Solutions can assist with all of the above.

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