IT consulting can offer greater flexibility, opportunities for growth, and more choices than direct hire positions. The trade-off for tech professionals has always been the need to search regularly for that next contract. Though finding open contracts is less of a challenge in this market, sifting through incompatible offers in search of the right IT consultant jobs takes time. Knowledge of IT contractor rate trends, client’s contract needs, and the right environment for your career are important considerations.


Though the Kansas City tech workforce grew 39% between 2011 and 2016, local companies are not immune to the IT talent shortage. High level IT skills are still scarce and tech unemployment is relatively low, making traditional hiring methods a struggle. However, certain strategies have managed to improve tech hiring for companies in the Kansas City market and beyond. Here are just a few that are giving businesses a competitive edge.

When you need a scalable workforce to hit deadlines and complete project deliverables, using several staffing firms to provide candidates gets mixed results. You’ll be presented with professionals of varying quality, juggle longer interview schedules that risk losing top performers, and need to find replacements for any candidate falloff on your own. Working with the right information technology staffing company can simplify hiring challenges and increase project ROI – if the firm is specialized in statement of work project management.