Is your company struggling to connect with top IT talent? 

The current IT skills gap has left many businesses frustrated. A study by McKinsey found that 82% of companies don’t believe that they can recruit highly talented people.  On the same note – and not surprisingly given that statistic – only 23% of managers and senior execs believe their talent acquisition strategies are working.  

Top tech talent will form deeper connections with companies that use the hiring process to show they’re invested in their employees and willing to provide for their unique needs. Even though the market for skilled IT talent is increasingly slim, you can still have a pipeline full of qualified candidates. All you need is an open mind, a commitment to adaptation, and a few brainstorming sessions centered around these four tactics for overcoming the IT skills gap:

Own Your Own Employer Brand

It can be tempting for companies to compare their employee experience against the tech giants of Silicon Valley. While no doubt these brands are thinking outside of the box to attract and retain talent, it’s important to define and understand your own unique culture and employer brand. If you’re not Apple, don’t try to be Apple – tell your candidates why they should work for you.

A clearly defined employer brand will immediately be more attractive to IT professionals when compared to a company who isn’t even sure themselves. According to LinkedIn, companies who have a strong employer brand receive more qualified applicants and fill their positions faster than companies who don’t, plus they also experience a significant reduction in turnover with their current employees.

Defining and developing tactics to enhance your employer brand should be a thoughtful process that uses real employee and candidate insights. Once you’ve compiled feedback, work against a clear timeline to put these changes into action and promote them across your website, social channels, and in all recruitment efforts.

Create a Flexible Environment

As you work to define your culture and employer brand, a flexible work environment should be top of mind. Within the current IT skills gap, top tech talent has options. Consider that 60% of tech professionals prefer to work remotely at least half of the time and the option to telecommute is the second highest retention motivator, directly behind salary. If you’re not enticing IT professionals with flexible work arrangements, chances are your competitors are.

It’s important to ask yourself how you can make your employer/employee relationship more than just a transactional agreement. When IT professionals are on the job hunt, they’re not just searching for a job. They’re choosing a company and position that they’ll dedicate the majority of their waking hours to. A flexible work environment that fosters work-life balance will show your candidates and current employees you value them past what they can explicitly do for your bottom line.

Rethink Your Requirements

If your positions are being left open for long periods of time, you can likely point a finger at your job requirements. Are you alienating potential candidates for skills they’ll never actually use in your position? Whether you’re looking for an IT consultant for project work or a permanent employee to add to your team, if your position comes with an intimidatingly long list of requirements you could be losing out on qualified applicants. It’s a good idea to carefully tease through the requirements of the job and remove anything that isn’t necessary for the position at hand.

When hiring permanent IT employees who will benefit from development opportunities within your company, it’s also important to remember the mantra “hire for attitude, train for skills.” Did you find a stand-out candidate who is just a little light in one or two areas? Hire them before someone else does. Preferred companies amongst candidates have robust employee development programs in place, from mentorship programs to entire courses they can take. Do your company’s development opportunities set you apart from the rest?

Partner with an IT Staffing Firm

Finally, if you’re struggling to attract the talent you need as a result of the IT skills gap, consider partnering with a third-party expert in the field. Specialized IT staffing firms, such as TriCom, are equipped with the industry knowledge and candidate insights necessary to effectively connect your company with top IT talent. Third-party expertise, combined with a strong employer brand and your company’s commitment to adapt to the changing talent landscape, will ensure you don’t get caught in a talent wasteland.

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