Your competitive edge and longevity depend on the success of your IT projects

To stay ahead of the game, your business needs a technical team on the front lines that prioritizes innovation and strategic thinking as much as you do. However, there’s no reason you should have to shelve your responsibilities to find and hire top IT talent – especially when the right IT workforce solutions provider can yield a better ROI with data-driven methods.

That’s the value of working with TriCom Technical Services. Our result-oriented process is fine-tuned to generate proven outcomes across our contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire staffing solutions. Our partnerships and approach go beyond the placement to help your organization achieve its goals. Here’s a glimpse of our IT workforce solutions advantages:

Our IT Talent Solutions

Drive better placements with data

Why leave hiring up to chance? We learn all we can about your needs, goals, challenges, and company culture. Then, we use data-driven strategies to provide the best processes, placements, and ROI.

Remove your hiring risks

Running a business comes with enough hazards. If a contractor leaves early or does not meet your expectations, then we guarantee a replacement at no extra cost to your business.

Discover top talent

Our industry connections and partnerships help us find hidden talent. Through programs like Diverse IT and Skilled KC, we can help fill your open roles faster and smarter.

Retain top talent

Top consultants are in high demand. We do our part to retain your contract employees by offering a top 1%, free-to-our-employees benefits package.

Train top talent

The top tech professionals didn’t start out as “unicorns.” They learned and grew through on-the-job experience and ongoing training. At TriCom, we offer unique training opportunities through programs like Diverse IT so that you retain your team longer, and they grow with the needs of your organization.

Stay current with HR trends and regulations

Employment regulations and compensation trends shift without much fanfare. Our workforce, immigration, and salary expertise will simplify your next hire and prevent expensive mistakes.

We stay ahead of the trends so you don’t have to

TriCom IT Workforce Solutions

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