How could the right technology transform your business?

If you’ve had your sights set on a transformative initiative but haven’t had the time or resources to roll it out within your organization, our IT Project Solutions are here to help. We take your projects from conception to their game-changing launch.

At TriCom, we implement proven processes to achieve the best results for your statement of work (SOW) projects. We put skin in the game to reduce your risk and maximize your strategic outcomes. Here’s a snapshot of what makes our project solutions different:

Our IT Project Solutions

The right data enhances hiring decisions

Why leave hiring up to chance? We learn all we can about your needs, goals, challenges, and company culture. Then, we use data-driven strategies to provide the best processes, placements, and ROI.

Ongoing relationships accelerate placements

Our internal team cultivates in-depth relationships with the top local and national candidates to quickly scale and launch your project.

Turnover threatens any project

We guarantee our candidates to mitigate the impact of candidate turnover, keeping projects on time and under budget with rapid replacements.

Hiring is expensive enough

By offering top 1% free-to-our-employees benefits, we improve retention while reducing your HR expenses.

We stay ahead of the trends so you don’t have to

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