It’s the age-old question: should I be a contractor or a full-time employee? With the current demand for technical talent, the IT industry has plenty of opportunities on both sides of the fence. Most technical staffing firms will tell you the decision boils down to the tech professional’s preferences, skillsets, and goals. Yet for Business Analysts in the NY/NJ/CT tristate area, contract opportunities might be the better bet in all scenarios. Don’t believe us? Here are four factors that make Business Analyst contract jobs a smart fit for professionals in the local market.

Higher Compensation

As a rule of thumb, IT consultants are paid more than their full-time peers. The lowered HR costs and shorter project durations associated with contract employees give companies the leeway to offer more in terms of compensation.

For BA contract jobs in the tristate area, the difference in pay is on average 17% higher than full-time opportunities. Though companies aren’t usually providing benefits for these types of positions, certain IT staffing firms do offer a benefits program that is on par with full-time employment perks. In fact, TriCom’s IT consultants enjoy benefits that include 100% paid medical and dental, fully-vested 401k plans with a generous match, and paid time off, giving our talented partners the best of both worlds.

Greater Project Variety

As a Business Analyst, the odds are good that you are a naturally inquisitive person. You want to immerse yourself in new data, find new problems to solve, and help stakeholders transform their businesses with your findings. Though full-time positions can provide access to complex datasets and interesting projects, BA contract jobs provide greater variety for your career.

The tristate area is home to many vibrant industries, from healthcare and insurance to finance and professional services, giving you the option to broaden your perspective in an assortment of subject areas. Even if you dedicate your career to mastering a specific industry vertical, you can deepen your subject matter expertise faster by shifting between BA activities and objectives more frequently. 

Faster Skill Growth

In the tristate area, where many of the best and brightest professionals choose to live and work, a Business Analyst’s skills need to be a grade above the rest. Advanced SQL expertise, SCRUM/Agile experience, hands-on user acceptance testing, a history with SharePoint, and strong communication are just the foundation. Local Business Analysts need to always learn and challenge themselves, but full-time positions are slower to provide those opportunities.

On the other hand, Business Analyst contract jobs offer the chance to test out new technologies, methodologies, and strategies with greater regularity. Because each company has its own unique practices and in-house style, contract jobs will enable you to accelerate your exposure to a wider range of technical skills that will boost your demand on the job market.

Less Time Spent in Tri-State Traffic

It’s no surprise that traffic congestion in NYC is in the top three for cities worldwide. Anyone who has driven on the I-95 North/Cross Bronx Expressway to Route 46 knows the agony of that gridlock. For those who take IT consultant jobs, there may be an escape from the nightmare.

Typically, IT consultants have greater freedom about when and where they work. In many cases, they can telecommute into the office, if they don’t find contract opportunities outside the most congested epicenters of traffic. Even if you take a position where the commute is less than ideal, you only have to endure it for a short while before you can switch to a contract with a better drive (or none at all).

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