Do you have a favorite quote?

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

What was your dream job when you were a kid?

I was going to open my own restaurant and bakery!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to all job seekers?

Keep an open mind and don’t get discouraged – your dream job is just around the corner!

What’s your spirit animal and why?

I took several quizzes to find my spirit animal and they all said something different – lion, wolf, dolphin, sloth, otter. So I guess it just depends on the day!

You’re planning a dinner party, what two famous people (past or present) do you invite?

Princess Diana and Kacey Musgraves.

What’s your favorite part about being part of the TriCom team?

The highly competitive yet collaborative environment. You rarely get both at the same time!

Finish this sentence: When I’m not working, I’m…

playing in slow pitch and sand volleyball leagues, running around after my 7 nieces & nephews, doing Pinterest-y crafts & binge-watching true crime documentaries.

What’s something completely random that nobody would’ve guessed about you?

On the weekends, I work as a stylist at Bella Bridesmaids, helping brides find the perfect dresses for their girls to wear on the big day!