Key Takeaways

    1. A client based in Topeka, Kansas, was having difficulty hiring to support exponential growth in their business because of hard-to-find skillsets and an underserved location.
    2. The client interviewed 60% of the candidates TriCom showed them and hired 30%.
    3. Many of the consultants hired by the client have since converted to full-time employees.


The Challenge

A client based in Topeka, Kansas, was experiencing exponential growth across their entire organization. To keep up with the increase in business, they needed to grow their workforce from roughly 300-400 employees to 2000-2500 in the span of only a couple of years. However, because their offices were located an hour outside of Kansas City, they were struggling to find people with the right skillset who were willing to make the commute.

Prior to their partnership with TriCom, the client had engaged a number of other staffing firms without success. Their team was burdened with the sheer number of interview requests and unqualified resumes those other firms would present. They were immediately impressed by the difference in TriCom’s modus operandi. TriCom only presented a few resumes for each role, and each of those candidates’ backgrounds and career goals aligned with the client’s specific positions.

The Solution

TriCom addressed the client’s underserved location and hard-to-find skillsets the same way they overcome any client hiring challenge: through close partnership that goes beyond your typical staffing relationship.

“When we engaged TriCom, we didn’t feel like we were two separate firms. It felt like a true partnership, and we both wanted the other to succeed,” said Michael, a workforce manager at the client.

For the client, TriCom’s placement guarantee also gave them back some of the confidence in hiring that they’d lost employing the wrong people (or people who left after a short time) through other firms. They felt more secure in taking risks on people they might not have otherwise felt comfortable taking risks on – candidates who maybe didn’t have 100% of the skills they would have liked them to have on day one, but possessed the enthusiasm and eagerness to grow into their role. They didn’t end up needing the guarantee very often, but the offer was proof of the superior partnership TriCom provided over other firms.

Beyond working creatively with the client to offer unique perks like commuting reimbursements, TriCom took the time to screen and vet each candidate they showed the client, the results of which are apparent in a high interview rate (60%) and, in turn, a high offer rate (30%). Because TriCom really took the time to understand what was important to each candidate and their career, they had a high offer acceptance rate as well (nearly 100%).

The Results

Over the course of their 8-year partnership, TriCom has filled hundreds of roles for the client. While their partnership has changed and evolved over time to meet the changing needs of the client’s business, the quality of service and candidates they continue to provide the client remains the same.

In addition to a high project success rate, a large number of those consultants have since converted to full-time associates. This is largely due to TriCom’s superior screening and level of partnership with both the client and the consultants.

For the client, the success of these hires was critical to the success of their business. The hires TriCom facilitated enabled the client to take on more clients of their own and deliver a high quality of service so that the business has been able to grow by 1300%.